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Hi, I'm Khalil Merine, a Full-Stack Developer with a focus on creating dynamic interfaces using React, Python, and MySQL. Currently, I work at Softvoyage, specializing in React, Next.js, Python, FastAPI, Docker, and Linux.

My journey began with a background in Chemical Engineering and expanded into the world of Software Development. I excel in enhancing user experiences through Next.js and have successfully integrated data from legacy systems using FastAPI and Pydantic.

My expertise lies in crafting bespoke components, eliminating unnecessary libraries, and customizing solutions for optimal performance. I actively contribute to both front-end and back-end development, creating models for tables imported from ODBC systems. Proficient in connecting to APIs and manipulating data, I contribute to the development of robust projects.

Passionate about software development, I am open to opportunities within innovative teams. Feel free to reach out for potential collaborations.

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